The Nanobiosciences Unit of the JRC IHCP is looking for two Post Doctoral students.

Within the Nanosafety and Regulatory Methods group (K. Aschberger, J. Riego Sintes) a candidate for the DEROCA project will be recruited to perform a comparative human health risk assessment (hazard and exposure) of different flame retardant solutions (chemical and carbon nanotubes based) through their life cycle. The candidate should have experience with hazard and/or exposure assessment and EU regulation of nanomaterials and/or conventional chemicals.

Within the Nanobiotechnology group (François Rossi) a candidate for the NANOMILE project will be recruited to apply chemical synthesis and surface modification techniques to produce nanoparticulate materials in which their key physico-chemical properties must be controllably and systematically varied. The candidate will undertake detailed physico–chemical characterization of nanoparticulate and contribute to the integration of this data with that of the biological testing studies where the overall aim is develop of mechanistic models of nanomaterial interactions with organisms and the environment.

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